7 ways to heat up your relationship


Send her a text message every day, not necessarily “I love you”, but you must express this meaning.

It is best to touch her off at night and then send it after going to sleep. Then, every morning when she is turned on, she can read your good intentions and feel like eating honey in her heart.

Never think that sweet words are superfluous. A woman is the most insecure animal. Direct words are the most secure information for her.


Buy her some small gifts from time to time, and at the same time attach your wishes.

For example, you can buy a fluffy dog and give it to her, and say to her, “I’m like a puppy and will always guard you faithfully!

“Or send a beautiful doll and gently say in her ear:” I hope our baby will be so cute in the future.

“She must have softened a little bit.

When the table on her bed was full of small gifts you gave her, she didn’t want you to die.


Roses represent your heart.

Women love roses, not because they are beautiful, or because they represent love.

With that in mind, you do n’t want to ask, “Does she like roses?

“Tangle on such stupid questions.

When she was holding a bunch of roses and listening to the envious voice of her friends and colleagues, “Well, you who love you!

“The pride in her heart is hard to compare with words.


Go shopping with her.

When she eagerly waits for you to accompany her shopping, you must not escape with pains.

She also knew very well that all men were unwilling to visit the mall.

Because of this, she will be grateful if you go shopping with her.


Let her hang up first.

After each call, gently said to her, “You hang up first.

“Qing Qing and I, when the idea is still over, people who hang up on the phone listening to the busy tone of” Beep “will be somewhat lost.

So, let her take the line first, and let her remember the warm sleep you brought to her.



Can take her to a completely strange place.

Among the bustling crowd, no one is familiar, only your hand is all she depends on.

You can also take her to the uninhabited suburbs, the world is big, only you and her, the two hearts will become more sincere and close in nature.


watch movie.

The dark fluctuations in the movie theater and the super visual effects are unmatched by TV and computers.

You can choose a reunion comedy film that is happy and happy. When you see the hero and heroine being too sweet, she can’t help but clenched your hand.

You can also try a horror movie, but when she is too scared to watch the screen drill into your arms, you must not get into her arms first.

If you dare not look, the best way is to have her right and close your eyes.