Don’t eat popcorn, beware of carcinogenesis

No popcorn movie?
Don’t eat popcorn, beware of carcinogenesis

Many people will definitely be accompanied by popcorn when watching a movie.

A big bucket of popcorn, eating while watching a movie.

As the saying goes, no popcorn is not the case with movies.

But is popcorn the best partner when watching a movie?

. Popcorn buckets may hide hidden dangers. Most popcorn buckets look beautiful and look clean inside.

But will high temperature foods cause adverse reactions with the packaging and endanger human health?

  In fact, the quality of some popcorn buckets is not enough and contains fluorescent agents.

Fluorescent agent is a kind of fluorescent dye, also known as white dye, which can improve the whiteness of fiber fabrics and paper, so that the dyed substance has a sparkling effect similar to that of fluorite, so that the substance seen by the naked eye is very white, and it is whitened.effect.

  However, once the fluorescent substance enters the human body, it may cause harm to the human body.

  Many popcorn may contain lead. This kind of ready-made popcorn, which is sold now, is no longer a child’s taste.

The popcorn we ate when we were young was very simple to make and added a sweetener, sodium saccharin.

And now, the popcorn we eat, some thick mellow, so many people can’t help but buy a bucket.

As everyone knows, this fragrance returns to zero and acts on an additive called “diacetyl”. Long-term inhalation may form a series in the trachea of the lungs and endanger health.

  Although the popcorn made according to the new processing technology has a low lead content, after transportation and drying, the popcorn may increase the lead content.

  According to national food hygiene standards, the lead content of puffed food must not exceed per kilogram.

5 mg.

Although it is safe to eat as long as it does not exceed the standard, we cannot confirm whether and how much lead is contained in many popcorn.

If you consume too much at a time or take it for a long time, it may cause damage to the nervous system, digestive system, and hematopoietic system, and cause symptoms such as loss of appetite, indifferent expression, abdominal pain, and constipation.

  If you want to eat enough to make up food and fruit popcorn, although mellow and delicious, it is best to eat less.

If once you can’t help but tempt to eat popcorn, you can eat more vitamin C-rich vegetables and fruits, because increasing the vitamin C content in food has a positive preventive effect on lead poisoning.

  It can also increase the absorption of vitamin B foods, such as wheat germ, beans.

Lead is excreted through urine and feces. The secretion of bile can effectively promote the loss of lead from the gastrointestinal tract.

  Vitamin B family can promote the elimination of lead from feces.