[How to make colorful egg buns]_Homemade methods of colorful egg buns_How to make colorful egg buns_How to make colorful egg buns

After reading the favorite recipe, is it also a heart to make a colorful egg bun?

This is a food that can eat healthy, beautiful, and not greasy, with a fragrant sensation, with a little spicy taste, it is very exciting, and can also attract your taste buds, frying in a pan, You can feel golden.

1. Cut all the vegetables into dices and set aside 2. Dice the buns and place them in the egg bowl. 3. Stir the eggs and the buns evenly. Add salt and pepper. 4. Put cooking oil in the pan and put the buns.Pour into the pan, flip back and forth, fry the steamed buns into a golden yellow pan, set aside 5, put the vegetables in the pan, stir fry, and then pour the fried steamed buns into the pan. 6 After frying for a minute, this will be deliciousThe colorful eggs and steamed buns came out of the pot. Looking at the food on the table, did you have a keen interest in cooking?

The method of multi-colored egg buns is simple. Cooking tools can be used to quickly prepare food. You don’t need to wait for the food to be tasted immediately.