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Rock sugar lemon cream has a certain therapeutic effect and has a certain medicinal value. The method of rock sugar lemon cream is also relatively simple. First of all, we must prepare green lemons. We must prepare lemons with more fresh juice. When preparing rock sugar, it is best toPrepare the old yellow rock candy, the sugar candy lemon ointment produced by this will be more effective. It can be swallowed directly when eating. It has a certain therapeutic effect on dry cough without sputum and blood in the cough.

Ingredients for rock sugar lemon paste: Taiwan perfume non-lime lime, New Zealand imported yellow lemon, add old yellow rock sugar, mellow brown sugar at a certain ratio, (solve the cold nature of rock sugar lemon, and make brown sugar nutrition fully released, more convenientMost people take) First, wash the fresh green and yellow lemons. They must be fresh and juicy. Go to the head and core. Take the middle part of the lemon and cut into thin slices. Pay attention to the health of the lemon juice.It is reserved for future use. Second, do not use finely divided old yellow rock sugar, but buy large old yellow rock sugar. The department has proved that yellow rock sugar has riboflavin and carotene which are not found in other sugars.Smooth and sweet, smash the old yellow rock sugar into thin pieces; three, add the processed green lemon slices and old yellow rock sugar, add a certain proportion of brown sugar, put it in a stew pot, put lemon on top and spread a thin layerOld yellow rock sugar and brown sugar.

Pour into the stew bowl together and cook. Dear friends, the lemon cream spoon is the essence of lemon juice and sugar stew!

Spoon is crystal clear and unbeatable.

4. After boiling for ten hours with Cantonese water-proof stew, impurities and excess sugar will be released and settle at the bottom of the cup. Spoon up the upper layer of the paste and immediately fill the glass bottle to stand. Directions for consumption: 1. Spoon directly, Ready-to-eat has a good effect on dry cough without sputum, expectoration and blood, two to three times a day; two, brew a drink, a teaspoon can be 250ml, warm water, ice water or mixed fruit juice, such as whiskey, Black tea, etc .; three, when cooking, as a seasoning to marinate meat or salad dressings, spices, such as fried tomato or marinated beef with lemon cream, both fat-removing to greasy and fishy to remove cold and sterilize; four, directly jam jamBread, fruit, fried chicken, french fries, popcorn, etc .; 5. Use skin care products, apply evenly on the skin for 15 minutes and wash (recommended to try it first)Acne, freckle and whitening, pregnant women apply belly can prevent stretch marks.