[How to make lemon fragrant potatoes]_Homemade methods for lemon fragrant potatoes_How to make lemon fragrant potatoes_How to make lemon fragrant potatoes

A healthy body requires us to maintain in all aspects. Diet is an important aspect that cannot be ignored. If you suffer from illness due to negligence, taking care of yourself is a pity. The practice of lemon-flavored organ potatoes is easy, for those who do n’t have too muchPeople who spend time cooking are providing nutritional value.

1. Peel the potatoes and wash two chopsticks underneath. 2. Cut into pieces with a knife (the chopsticks will not cut off). 3. Apply an appropriate amount of cooking oil and sprinkle an appropriate amount of salt (as uniform as possible). 4. Slice the lemon.Cut each slice in half and place it between each layer of potatoes. Bake it in the air fryer at Zhongchen for 200 minutes and bake forty minutes6. Let ‘s share the delicious lemon-scented organ potatoes.

This is the practice of lemon-flavored organ potatoes. You do n’t need to put too much on the seasoning. You only need to preserve the taste of the food itself. This is excellent.